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23 October 18:00 - 21:00ustwo Nordics

Sweden: The Future of Mobility?

We are happy to welcome you to ustwoTHINKS, a global event series where we explore challenging industry topics together with experts and practitioners in an engaging panel discussion. Come to our studio the 23rd of october,  have some food and drinks and enjoy the ride!

This time, the topic is The Future of Mobility in Sweden.

The mobility industry is going through a rapid and likely unprecedented transformation with technology in the driver seat. How will this change affect the users, citizens, cities and public spaces? What should we expect to see and when? What opportunities does it come with and what challenges lies ahead in terms of technology, infrastructure, smart cities, ownership and innovation? What is sustainable mobility in Sweden today?

Sweden has historically been impacted by big auto- manufacturers, inventions and cutting edge technology, but what is on the mobility agenda today? We have invited some really interesting guests, to help us find out. Mona Huber, Creative Director at Uniti, Johan Karlberg, Head of digitalisation at Skånetrafiken, Peter Esse from Sunfleet and from our London Studio, our Global Head of Auto, Tim Smith.

Please join us in exploring the complex and intriguing topic of mobility together with our experienced panelists.

The event will open at 6pm with some simple food and drinks and then the moderated panel discussion will start around 7pm and last for an hour and a half. Afterwards there will be some snacks and mingle and the event closes at around 9pm.

Read more about our auto/mobility initiatives here:

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All you need to know

The event will be held in our studio at Kärleksgatan 2B. 

Day 1

18.00 Doors open! Grab a drink and some food

19.00 We welcome our speakers on the stage

20.30 Snacks and mingle

21.00 End of evening 

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Mona Huber
Creative director @Uniti

Uniti is on a mission to offer the best car for the world and with us at the event we will have their creative director Mona Huber. She expects the current vehicle design to become obsolete with the uprising of emission-free mobility, in favour of the light-weight electric car. If her car was something else, it would be an investment in a more modern mobility infrastructure

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Johan Frithiof-Karlberg
Head of digitalization and IT @Skånetrafiken

With 250000 daily users, Skånetrafiken is a massive player within the field of mobility in Skåne. We have the honour to welcome Johan Fritihiof-Karlberg, head of digitalization and IT as our speaker at the event. Within 5 years, he would like to be able to use public transports for ALL his trips and instead recycle the parts of his car to a carbon dioxide neutral bus. 

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Peter Esse
B2B Sales Manager South Sweden @Sunfleet

Using your car only a few days a month? Why not just rent it instead? Peter Esse from Sunfleet will bring the valuable perspective of how to build a sustainable mobility by sharing, and claims that the upcoming 5 years will be more interesting for this industry than the past 50. If he would use his car for something else, he would be driving it as a taxi. 

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Tim Smith
Global auto and mobility director @ustwo

Our own Tim Smith will join the discussion with his broad experience from solutions within the mobility sector. Today, he says,  blind people, wheelchair users and even people on low income, for example, have limited access to public transport and mobility services but in his dreams the mobility needs of more people are properly considered and met.   If his car was something else then a car, it would be a place to escape.

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Moderator Jenny Svensson

Our moderator will be Jenny Svensson, product owner at one of our bigger projects within the area of mobility. She would love to explore how mobility initiatives can make it possible for more people to live on the countryside and would happily rebuild her car to a green house. But since she still needs it, for now it's enough to find out how it can be shared amongst more people.